Can you control, what?

You can control things that wanna be controlled.

Sounds like a nonsense but it is pretty true. Did you ever experienced that feeling of disappointment while trying to set all the things up,making plans and then you just see it changing infront of you. Or when things seems to not being in the mood to let you understand them,like if they were conscious to joke you.
It could be actually like that:things are conscious:it is a kind of collective consciousness and it is why things can’t be fully controlled by one person.Not everything is under your strict control.Make up your mind about that and start considering that you can control only small things and very fewer things despite what you’ve always believed. So try to be prepared instead of struggling to control things that don’t want to be controlled by you.

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Have a nice day

Sipping the day,tasting it nice,having it as much as you can.

Is everyday under your own mere control?Or is more likely to be that each day has its own behaviour like you have? Yep,as you can wake up great or bad,happy or sad, even a day can be nice or worst by itself.

I mean:your day is more likely to depend on your behaviour, but apart from you that day could be nice or not according to what will happen. So till the day looks nice, help yourself and have a big bite of it! There will always be the need for that positive energy in a negative day.

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Power of silence

Words can be extremely powerful but silence could be even more.When remembering missing people, when no answer is given to an explicit question, when thinking to a solution, when facing a weird situation, when underlying an embarrassing matter.

There is no word like silence that can explain your strength, your will, your determination to stand still facing problems or others’ rage.

More:if you put your silence together with another silence you will have an extremely powerful weapon in your hand:the power to show that you are stronger than any attack, any struggle, any sufferance, any hijack. You can create a silence that stands unite even when you are not there. Talking express difference and evaluate diversity but silence creates union.

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Make the way for things to happen

You have no influence on future, only on today to prepare what will happen tomorrow.

This can be seen as one of our purpose in life if not the main or the only one: preparing the path to let things happen. Things happen despite of us and apart from our effort so the only real activity we can perceive is to set up situations in order to let things happen: the ones that we want and the ones we do not want. It’s the same. We have no influence upon any future at all so what we do today is for the day itself; preparing the way towards a target or following it it only means to make efforts to open the path to fate. Because most things are influenced by chance more than by our own efforts. Knowing and taking it into consideration is the best or our best we can do in order not to obstacle our opportunities, chances, successes and even failure.

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Suffering toward future

Point is not avoiding suffering, it’s how to go through it.

Everyone experience suffering in his life, from the very moment we were born till every single step we make to go toward our biggest desire or our deepest destiny. Nowadays, point seems to have become how to avoid suffering, as if suffering was a sick, a kind of illness even contagious. But the real point is how to go through it, through this suffering without letting it become the only way you feel. Suffering has a further function, it is not for itself, it aims at helping us to reach bigger satisfaction, bigger awareness, bigger wisdom, biggere knowledge. So instead of preventing suffering, go through it and try to face it fully, deeply, without anything left behind. You’ll get a bigger compensation as big as you can’t even imagine.

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Feel your greatness

You are as great as you are able to admit.

That’s all of your greatness:being able to see how much you are great everyday in doing whatever you do. Somebody else could see it partially or could not see it at all,but you have all the means you need to see all of yourself: good and bad,successes and defeats. So believe your greatness before everyone else does and you’ll not only be looking great but you’ll get even greater.

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Lead your own boat

You master your boat towards possibilities bearing unexpected.

You do not need any captain. Your boat is you and as big as you can be in good and bad you can steer it wherever you want. You take your choice,whenever you win or lose whatever the subject whatever even the choice itself; no one else can do better for you cause you actually are in your shoes and no one else can know what you exactly need and what you can afford or bear or be able to. Some people may know some of these things but there’s only one person that knows it all: YOU.
So take your steering wheel with both hands and try to get confident with driving your life. It’s not an easy path to learn, but a fulfilling one when started.

The sooner the better the higher you achieve.

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